You are on the wrong side of history

Brandon Eich is the creator of JavaScript. He’s a champion of the open web and a cofounder of Firefox maker Mozilla. The contribution of Brandon Eich nowadays impacts the life of every single person, browsing the web, as JavaScript is used by almost 90% of the websites and Mozilla is one of the top browsers, used by approximately  25% of the internet users.

At April 2, 2014 he was called ‘person being on the wrong side of history’ from a journalist from big tech media.

That made me think a lot and what I realize is that actually we are all on the wrong side of history.

The American state was founded after one of the biggest genocides in the world, killing millions of native Americans. Is then the American state legitimate? Seems it is. This will happen much easier when the social media decentralization happens, as the methods of segregation and assimilation will become more accessible to more and more people with different intentions.

I’d love it if the people who reached the wisdom that ‘if you speak to the eagle and the snake, they will speak to you, too’ – were our influencers, when we create infrastructure, allowing every single person tо reach the world with his ideas. But it’s not possible – the millions of native Americans are dead. We could learn a lot of things from their balance with the nature. Instead of them, we have GMO.

Similar things could be said about the millions dead from the wars during the last century, who hasn’t been given the chance to influence our society. The United States, being the most powerful and progressive economy in the world, is still part of military conflicts which could be avoided. This spreads quite bad culture of foreign affairs, contrasting with the fact that some of brightest minds of the 20 and 21-st century constantly immigrated there.

As you see, it doesn’t take a microscope to see the alarmingly bad things happening around us. They all depend of our time, efforts and ethics to solve them.

In the global economy there are more and more methods becoming available every single day about reaching the other’s lives via new technologies and business models. They can be used in various ways to improve the lives of the people in every part of the world, let them share ideas and reach services they haven’t had access to. On the other hand, they could be used to bereave the people from privacy, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

Thinking about my project in the social media decentralization area, which is considered as one of the most disruptive tech areas, I want to spread the knowledge how the decentralized networks could work and make profit for the people willing to build trust and good reputation with their knowledge, and I want to do that entirely for the good of the society. This makes me think what happens with the innovations when they interweave with another ideas in the society and are they utilized always for the common good?

In the innovations area, everything nowadays is fruit of serious industry know-how and despite that the newborn ideas are getting many times badly industrialized or even turned to weapons. Marie Curie sacrificed her life discovering the nuclear energy more than one century ago and she didn’t do it in order to be badly industrialized, like in Fukushima or Chernobilsk. Neither she did it for the nuclear bombs falling in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But what was the guarantee for the inventor that these things would never happen and the innovation will be utilized for the good of the society without any damage?

We envision great things when we invent something, but many times we forget about the potential misuses. The misuses with an invention happen in many ways and the invention itself doesn’t stop the people to cause harm with it. It’s enough, for example, certain cultural and political prejudices to interweave with invention usage and it can turn to a weapon. For example the access to prenatal ultrasound testing in India, lead to sex-selective abortion of millions of babies over the last 20 years due to cultural preferences still rooted in the society. Shall we start innovating then how our innovations are used and how best practices are spread regarding their usage?

I think there should be way the inventors to put their terms and conditions when they create something and all the people should obey that terms when they use the invention. As we live in a global world, we should start innovating culture of predicting the damage an innovation could cause and how to spread ethical best practices about its usage. All the inventors and users of inventions should have special ‘ethical oath’ like the Hippocrates Oath about not causing harm.

What I want with my social media decentralization project is to show how decentralized network could make money and generate value in terms of trust, influence and other non-monetary parameters. My model is ready for publishing long time ago and any time I try to publish it, a tragedy happens in my life. That happened already two times. Maybe I haven’t been ready with my Hippocrates Oath.. That’s why I want to write down these thoughts regarding the ethical issues I see.

I know how the decentralized networks could work and make money. I want to spread this knowledge for the good of the society. I don’t do it for the money. I want to do it for the idea and the good use of it. We know the power of Internet, the information society can save lives and destroy lives. It must be our responsibility to establish the best practices when we create something, and we should not postpone that for later.

The social media decentralization is powerful weapon.  I don’t want to create a weapon. Actually, I want to create a weapon against the mass propaganda. I want the knowledge-sharing to become so intense, that it solves the problems of the world, because our problems are mainly informational problems. I want to be part of economy, based on knowledge-sharing, as it’s renewable and upgradable resource and in constant demand.
I think we have enough resources and we can live and improve our lives without destroying cultures and non-renewable resources. We just have to re-focus on our ethics and on the urgent problems. Otherwise we will build wrong sides of history.


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