What Facebook would look like when the social medias decentralize.

The social media decentralization(SMD) revenue models I think will emerge at the cross point of two industries which have already successful revenue models, based on trust. They are the e-commerce/P2P commerce and the content monetization¹. This will allow them to scale and make the trust and influence the new currency. When the social medias decentralize, the users will have profiles where they will be able to store and monetize all their content and also integrate all their e-commerce/P2P commerce ratings in order to use them for further businesses. They will be able to organize and manage everything flexibly, according their preferences.

So what about Facebook and the other centralized social networks? The centralized social networks were focused so far on ensuring stable and secure infrastructure, accessible for free for their users and massive Business intelligence system behind it and that will be their key differentiator in the future. The big systems like Facebook, G+,Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn won’t disappear, but will transform and adopt the new business models, coming from the decentralized space and will invent and experiment with more business models. They will know the best way how to cut the infrastructure costs and management hassles for a single profile and how to monetize the Business intelligence behind it. On the picture you could see Lean Canvas with some of my ideas about that:

the future of Facebook after SMD

I think the current social networks are too closed and they would lose a lot if they don’t turn their Product development to a crowdsourced process. They do it currently via acquisitions, but I think that brings new ideas too slowly, compared with the true potential of the crowdsourcing, which is unlimited.  I think the social networks delayed their development, not integrating the models of e-commerce/ P2P commerce and content monentizaton so far, based on trust.

Please let me know what do you think in a comment below. All your comments will be appreciated.

¹ monetization – to utilize (something of value) as a source of profit


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